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Why am I not worried about the swine flu? Because no one dies from it (~30 deaths worldwide). But 30 deaths are just nuts and crackers when you look at global scope. You have better odds of winning the Powerball or running into Kirby Puckett than you do of dying from the swine flu. It has a cure, the symptoms are the same as the regular flu, and about ten people have it. The only reason everyone is worried is because it originated in Mexico City. Now officials are saying that pigs (swine) have nothing to do with this strain of flu and as a result began calling it H1N1. Bullshit, someone fucked a pig and it’s about time to fess up. Either there was Mexican pigllatio, or medical authorities are referring to the people of Mexico as swine. But from our experience we know that all great illnesses stem from the fucking of animals. Take AIDS for example: it started with monkeys, spread to some beastiality freak that screws monkeys, and then it was transferred via that freak to the gays. And all it takes is that one bi-curious gay guy who dips in a female, and BAM…you have a pandemic. Because if there were no bi-curious gays then the disease would be contained by the simple fact that gays cannot reproduce. “It’s science, and it’s for your health.” PhD Brule

“People said that pigs would fly before we had an African American president. Well 100 days into Obama’s presidency, swine flu.”

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