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Evil SunI am a huge fan of Darwinism: the idea that humans adapt to their surroundings in order to survive.  That’s why I’m confused as to why people love sunny days, and hate the rainy ones.  The sun has many negative effects on humans including: skin cancer, sun burn, squinting and heat stroke; all intensified on sunny days.  Meanwhile we love sunny days like Asians love baccarat.

On the other hand, people associate rain and gloom with depression and doom.  Rainy DAYS are necessary for our survival, sunny DAYS are not.  What is really so bad about rain anyways; that it makes us wet?  How pansy do homo-sapiens sound right now?  We wake up, drink a glass of water, hop in a simulated rain fall (the shower), yet we cringe when we go outside and see it’s actually raining.  Yet on a sunny day we go outside smiling, meanwhile we have to block our eyes with polarized sun glasses and shield our skin with SPF.

There were 8,650 sun related skin cancer deaths in 2009.  (0) deaths for rain.  Giving our love to the sun is like a lung-cancer charity giving their donations to Phillip Morris.

Girl in Rain

"T1000, I told you a million times that my belly button is not a vagina."

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