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Just kidding, just kidding.  But you know the Vivid guy went from six to midnight with ideas when he heard Anthony was hitting the streets free.

Right now everyone is reasonably bugging out about Casey Anthony’s innocent verdict.  I agree that the verdict was a surprise, and came of out of nowhere like the ref in this video at the :7s mark:

However, people have to realize that our court system isn’t innocent until proven guilty. You are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Someone may be guilty in everyone’s eyes, but if there isn’t enough evidence to support a complete guilty verdict, the person walks.  The test for reasonable doubt is so very high because the court would rather let 1000 guilty Casey Anthony’s go than sentence 1 innocent one.  It’s hard to argue with.  Just today, a Singaporean man was cleared of murder after six years in jail.  In a lynch mob scenario, where sensationalist media coverage is geared for attention, do you really think it is smart to dish out death penalties from your armchair?  Although it seems as though there is a 95%+ chance that Anthony killed her child, there just wasn’t enough solid evidence to convict her (according to the jury).  If you convict based on a 95% likelihood, then 1 out of 20 people indicted for murder will be murdered by the state (through false death penalties).  You could get a good look at Casey Anthony’s ass by hanging out on a noose, but wouldn’t you rather just take the jury’s word for it?

Please don’t hurt me after reading this, I also think she’s guilty; but I wasn’t on the jury so I don’t know for sure.  No one does, except for her and her parents.

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