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Interviews are just a politically correct way to ensure that a potential employee doesn’t look like a haunting frick. If I had to breast a new hire with interview questions, one that I would ask him/her is this:

WHY do you think that cops chose NOT to use paint balls filled with mace as a form of non-lethal force?

A few assumptions are made in this interview question:

1) Paint balls filled with mace may have been produced, however, at some point in time a decision was made NOT to distribute them.

2) There are both pros and cons associated to paintballs filled with mace.

3) What if THEY had bullets filled with lead?

SO how do you answer this question if asked? Paint balls filled with mace are undoubtedly valuable as a form of non-lethal force. How can you argue that? There are few things that could subdue a forthcoming loomer better than hay seekers filled with horse heat. That’s easy. Any panic-aggressive line-sniffer would be more than happy to throw on the couch collars rather than pay a load of red to the eye rings. So obviously paint balls filled with mace seem like the go-to form of non-lethal attack for the 5-0. Right?

Wrong. If you made it rain red hell on the cheek of a frisky asthmatic, you could find yourself locked up in the hitter taking poop piles in plain site.  That’s something we all know.  It’s a legal risk that could throw cops in the slammer.  Grow up.

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