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Stupid Small Talk

Growing up I thought I was anti-social because I hated to talk to people.  But the older I get, I realize that love to talk, I just don’t like talking to 99% of people because their conversations suck.  You ever get approached by someone who is a slight aquantance, and they start drilling you with brutal questions.  They put on that stupid smile as start with questions like, “How’s your brother?  Is he good?  Yea?  What does he do?  What is he doing?  Is he doing good?  Yea?”  How do you answer those questions?  What is he doing?  I don’t fucking know – he’s doing people shit.  He goes out and gets dinners.  He works.  He hangs out with other people.  What the fuck do you want to know?

How about this – how your brother you fucking idiot?  How’s your mom?  Good?  Is she good?  What does she do?  Good?  These empty conversations drive me nuts, and since I don’t like asking the questions I am always on the receiving end of the question train, bobbing and weaving through a barrage of bad breath and empty thoughts.  You know what question I really want to ask, “When’s the last time you cried?”  “When’s the last time you masturbated to something and then felt guilt about it after?”  That’s a conversation.

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