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Why do local car commercials always look like they were filmed on a 1992 Sony Handi-cam?  I could Snapchat a better quality video than they put through production.  And why are the videos always so goddamn silly?  And not the good type of silly.  162316394_teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-classic-muscle-costume-boy-The main dealer will come out in a Rapheal costume with a maroon bandana and twin sais and yell into the camera “At Maroon Kia we’re Crayayayayayzy about savings!!!!!“.  As a viewer you are probably zoned out and not paying attention; but there is a real guy in the Ninja Turtle costume, he lives in your neighborhood, and he’s looking to hock you a goddamn car.  He thinks the best way to do this is by acting-out in front of a large audience.  You don’t see this battiness in national auto ads because they did research and the results were that weird content shot on a manual focus Panasonic handheld from ’82 is bad for business.  And it’s not like these people are broke.  Every now and then you’ll get an ad with the head dealer standing next to Paul O’Neill, who they have dressed up in a suit.  That’s not a cheap scene to set up; just getting O’Neill out of the pinstripes will cost you $10k smooth, having him gel the mop will cost you another fifteen.  How much do you think it would cost to throw O’Neill in the Rapheal gear – forty?  That’s and investment worth making; because if I stumble upon your Lodi, NJ Toyota car ad at 1am, and O’Neill is sweating his dick off in a green Rapheal one-piece, I’ll buy a goddamn Corolla – you’ve earned it.  These dealers are shelling out the skrilla, just not on their production equipment.


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