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Emma Watson Looks Exactly Like Lana Del Rey

So I’ve been hearing the name Lana Del Rey come up a lot, she’s a singer who belts out girly jams like it’s her job – well actually it is her job.  Naturally, I Googled her name to see if she was hot, and as projected she is.  In the year 2013 you don’t get to the top with just good pipes, you need to have that look that screams “yeah I am a good singer, but I will still make-out with random guys if the opportunity presents itself“.  Regardless, when I finally Googled image searched Del Rey, I get presented with a matrix of “Emma Watson” pictures.  Figuratively, I literally spit out my iced coffee in shock – the two girl look exactly the same.  How can anyone stand in front of me and argue that Emma Watson isn’t Lana Del Rey?  That would be like be trying to tell me that Miley Cyrus isn’t Hanna Montana.  Same fucking person.  Question is: marry, fuck, kill?  Lana Del Rey, Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus.  I’m going with kill Del Rey, marry Cyrus, fuck Watson.  I know fucking Cyrus and marrying Watson is the popular opinion here, I just think Watson might get a little bland after a while.  Something like “So honey, how was your day?  Good?  Good.  Mine was good too.  Check ya’ later.”

Miley Cirus Hot




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