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Is this the only picture of this guy?

Is this the only picture of this guy?

Associated Press – The US government has charged Edward Snowden with espionage and theft for revealing government documents

Why is everyone mad at the NSA for spying, who cares?  I’d rather them read my Facebook status’s if it means no terrorist attacks in New York.  What do you think is more likely:  That not a single person wanted to attack NYC in the last 12 years?  Or that the NSA thwarted hundreds of attacks through spying?

If the NSA wasn’t spying how would they stop terrorists?  By NYC patrolmen randomly stopping terrorists jaywalking and then legally searching their book bags to consistently find pressure cookers minutes before the attacks?  The odds of doing that once are a million-to-one.  Now think about how there have been ZERO attacks in NYC since 9/11, zero – this is because they are spying on us.  Didn’t everyone just assume that this is going on?  I assume anything I type online can be read by the government – call me a sucker when it comes to privacy but I like having both my legs in tact.  Death is a high price to pay in order to safeguard some hipster’s Instagram feed.  If I am doing something illegal I do what every criminal does, I go into the ocean and speak to my associate in person – no wires.  Anyone who complains about the NSA spying most likely never does anything illegal, they are probably just frustrated that there is a permanent record of the weird porn they watch.

And this guy Snowden looks like a potential terrorist himself.  I think his life sucked and he was either going to blow up an embassy himself, or reveal the government’s secrets – he was craving infamy.  This guy was a ticking time-bomb looking for fame, and he was ready to blow.

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