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kiper – “The Jets are a glorified expansion team.”

- Mel Kiper Jr

The Jets are a “glorified expansion team” just like Mel Kiper Jr’s haircut is a glorified raccoon pelt.  A question….ESPN lets Kiper Jr speak outside of April?  I’m not joking, is he contractually allowed to speak about anything other than the draft?  I thought they kept him holed up in a log like Punxsutawney Phil until draft month.  He is a novelty account.  A crestfallen crown with opinions.  No wherewithal.

What’s funny about Kiper calling the Jets a “glorified expansion team” is the fact that Kiper is the sole reason the Jets suck.  He single-handedly named Vernon Gholston “the best pick of the ’08 draft”.  What about Ray Rice in the 55th spot?  What about Matt Ryan you fucking idiot?  If the Jets drafted Ray Rice instead of Gholston in ’08 they win the Superbowl TWICE: 2010 and 2011 (the same years they made the AFC championship).  The sole reason they didn’t is because Kiper built up enthusiasm around Gholston, the Jets bit the bait, and now the Jets are paying the consequences; Kiper isn’t.  I just can’t believe Kiper Jr has the balls to come out of his groundhog log and dish a dig??  If Mel Kiper Junior was anything like Mel Kiper Senior, he would never speak publicly and do society a favor.

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